BitRecruiter comprises leading talent acquisition professionals and is the ONLY recruitment company dedicated and equipped for cryptocurrency enterprise demands. We quickly identify and place specialized, niche talent. Our team is responsible for several hundred new hires in the US & UK each year [enterprise software, semiconductor, aerospace, finance and life sciences]. BitRecruiter has been active in Bitcoin since 2010 [java exchange engines, client & pool customization, and mining equipment development]. We also share engineering backgrounds in avionics [DSP, RF/RADAR, EO/IR] and FIX [Financial Info Exchange] embedded systems, integration, and software/firmware programming.


-Placing mid and Sr. level developers (Java, Python, C++#, PHP, Mobile, Ruby), Digital Designers (VLSI/VHDL, FPGAs & ASIC/SoC), PGP/GPG Data Security, Project & Program Management, Operations & Technical leadership, IT & Linux/Unix Server Admins, Web/UI, Compliance, Validations & QA/QC

Recent Positions Filled

Lead Developer (C, C++, Erlang, knockout.js, java)

Full Stack Developer (C#, Scala, Clojure, java, python, HTML/CSS)

Lead Architect (C++, Ruby, node.js, Rust, HTML5, AWS)

Mobile Developer (Android, iOS, Cocoa, java, Rest API)

Sr Python/J2EE Developer

Web & eCommerce UX/UI Designer

C++/PHP Programmer

Validation Eng III

Compliance Officer

Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Lead Digital Design Engineer

IT Project Manager

Dev-Ops / Sys Admin [Linux BSD & Ubuntu]

VP Engineering


Company Values

Rational self-interest, Capitalism, Productivity, Innovation, & Objectivism

BitRecruiter in the news
(all that's fit to print):


mircea_popescu:;;rate RagnarDanneskjol 1 Recruiter.

BingoBoingo:;;rate RagnarDanneskjol 1 recruiter

punkman:;;rate RagnarDanneskjol 1 matchmaker

chalbersma:;;rate RagnarDanneskjol 2 Client Contact and Recruiter for ATC P2pool Implementation

Bitcoin1011: Hi guys and girls, I'm looking for an android app developer with Bitcoin protocol experience, can anyone direct me?
mircea_popescu: Bitcoin1011 maybe RagnarDanneskjol when he wakes up.

mircea_popescu:;;later tell Bitcoin1011: Is he involved in other mobile apps in the space for my reference? ---> no, he's the resident talent scout.

mircea_popescu: o just the guy i wanted to see.
RagnarDanneskjol: hoo me?

mircea_popescu: Ok so RagnarDanneskjol is a friend of mine, he runs a headhunting business. He’s recently got a decent job for a talented dev I know, so you never know.
StefanCristian: Heya RagnarDanneskjol
mircea_popescu: RagnarDanneskjol this StefanCristian kid just started talking at me out of nowhere. This chan is their work in progress gentoo repackaging for no good reason, but otherwise, maybe some talent here, I dunno. Your job.

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